10 Reasons to Touch English! 'Conquer' preschool children

Thứ năm, 03/09/2015

With the mentality of preschool, incorporating activities bearing bold Vietnamese identity, combined with the support of technology ... are a number of factors that make the product "Touch English!" To create excitement for the baby. non with English.

It is our mission to solve the difficulties of helping preschoolers to have the most effective and effective visual English learning tools, EPRO Education Products Distribution and Development Co., Ltd has developed the "English Proficient" - a specialized English curriculum for children aged 3-6.

The "Little English" product range not only makes it easy for the children to feel, to increase their interest in English, but also to help them gain a basic foundation during their studies.

I love learning English with "Touch English!"

Here are ten important reasons why the "English English" kit, or "Touch English!", Is believed to be used by most teachers and parents at preschools today.

1. "Touch English!" Designed specifically for preschool children in Vietnam, sticking to the characteristics of psychological development as well as the ability to perceive and absorb the new language of Vietnamese children.

2. "Touch English!" Was studied, compiled and evaluated by English language professors from the Central College of Pedagogy (English for Academic Purposes) and English language teachers Continue at the preschool (practice preschool in English). Therefore, the program is a combination of harmony between theory and practice. Suitable for children and teachers teaching English in kindergarten.

3. "Touch Engish!" Is a combination of themes, activities bearing bold Vietnamese identity such as Vietnamese food, Vietnamese festivals such as Tet, Mid-Autumn Festival, etc.

4. "Touch English!" Is a modern design program that fits the trend of education combined with technology. The interactive software package with 177 games has been updated to help teachers fully use for teaching, organizing the competition on the screen by the screen, the computer is very convenient and attractive. guide.

5. "Touch English!" Is one of the few programs specifically designed for five preschool ages: 18-24 months, 24-36 months, 3-4 years old, 4-5 years old, 5-6 years old. year old. The following program has inherited from the previous program with content development, expansion of English vocabulary and structure for children, helping children learn in a unified and perfect.

6. "Touch English!" Electronic learning materials utilize the full native pronunciation of the native speakers, and the gentle, emotionally-sounding voice that is suitable for preschool children.

7. "Touch English!" Program helps teachers easily design content, work in class while still ensuring positive, creative and flexible.

8. The program "Touch English!" Is designed to be comprehensive, including: textbook - classbook, minibook by subject, old storybook, electronic learning materials, flashcard, poster, song, pen read ...

9. Every age-specific program of "Touch English!" Follows topics that are familiar to children in their lives such as Family, Greetings, Ability, Shape, Color, Animal, Flower.

10. "Touch English!" Is invested and supported directly from the Vietkindertech English Center with modern facilities and equipment, along with a team of highly qualified teachers.

Please contact the school, partner, or parents for more information about the program at:
- Website: http://e-pro.vn
- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/hesinhthaigiaoducepro/
- Phone: 024 666 03 108

Source: vietnamnet.vn