E-Robot Coding program is the first programming program for Vietnamese children from 3 to 12 years old. The program is a creative combination of the rich intellectual resources of SK Telecom and Vietnamese intellectuals, compiled by leading experts in education and IT.

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E-Robot Coding


More than 100,000 schools and centers nationwide have used this product



E-Robot Coding is the first programming program for children in Vietnam. The program is a creative combination of the rich intellectual resources of SK Telecom and Vietnamese intellectuals, compiled by leading experts in education and IT.

The children-centered program integrates subjects such as Math, English, Geography, Science, and so on into a learning curve suitable for children of all ages.

The program combines harmony between theory and practice, inspires inspiration, passion for the technology of children, training qualities of the future inventors.



The world's first smartphone training robot developed by SK Telecom. A project developed for preschool and elementary school children to help them get acquainted with technology, stimulate intelligence, create and train skills from a young age.

Awarded many prestigious awards such as "QS STAR Reimagine Education" and "Red Dot Design Award". It is taught in many developed countries around the world.



E-Robot Coding is not just about helping children learn programming effectively but also creating opportunities in many other areas:

- Learning opportunities:
+ Expanding and improving the knowledge of subjects such as Math, English, Geography, Science ... in the process of learning programming.
+ Improve the quality of future inventors.

- Skill:
+ Thinking Skills: Developing the skills of observation, judgment, reasoning and job-handling.
+ Social skills: Improve the team spirit, explain, develop communication skills.

+ Development of critical thinking, creative thinking.

- Attitude:
+ Children love, enjoy the programming language, actively learn the most natural way.
+ Being contacted, operating equipment is diverse, modern.

- Technology:
+ Being contacted to operate various modern equipment.



- Training and evaluation:
+ Teachers of E-Robot Coding must undergo a training course by experts directly teaching. In the process, teachers continue to be trained, tested, and evaluated monthly.

- Certificate:
+ Issued by EPRO after the course.

- Qualification:
+ Have a solid technology foundation, flexible teaching methods.
+ Graduated from the College of Pedagogy upwards: Pedagogy, Primary Education, Information Technology.
+ English level is equivalent to B2 or above.

- Professional qualities:
+ Love work, love children, dynamic, creative and responsible.



- Knowledge:
+ Basic knowledge about programming, some terminology, tags ...
+ Knowledge of science and technology and life.
+ Enhance and apply the knowledge about: environment, math, shape, letter, English ... in activities with the robot.

- Attitude:
+ Kids excite, love Robot Albert and perform Coding through which the creative capacity of children.

- Skill:
+ Thinking Skills: Children can observe, analyze, situate and solve problems.
+ Programming skills: Implement command, select, use 21 tags to coordinate, complete the request.
Social Skills: Improve teamwork, problem solving. Have the skills to use learning tools.



- Knowledge:
+ Students are taught the concepts of software programming: sequential programming, iterative, iterative looping, debugging software.
+ Applying computer science to learning other science subjects such as advocacy, recreation to improve the quality of education and create conditions for children to adapt to modern social life.
+ Learn and create software in a visually dynamic way when interacting with Robot Albert.

- Attitude:
+ Practice patience when creating software with robots.
+ Practice disciplined learning when working in a learning environment with modern equipment.

- Skill:
+ Have skills to use smart phones, use the software.
+ Have the skills to use learning tools.
+ Have teamwork skills and presentation, communication and problem solving.

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